Quality et Speed


Our subcontractor workload represents a large part of our planning. Many printers appreciate our services in any sector where we are able to offer our skills. Thanks to our know-how, our machinery and the great availability of our technicians, we rank among the best subcontractors for:

  •    Cardboard manufacturers (mainly those specialising in laminating on micro-corrugated cardboard) to whom we can offer a wide range of services to complement their main activity.
  •    Various companies who trust us for their printing, varnishing and laminating needs, thanks to our proven quality and expertise.

Optionally, on a case by case basis, we may offer our fellow members trimming or die-cutting services, as well as mechanical finishing such as binding, inserting, stitching, or folding.

The subcontracting operations carried out in our workshops are needed and valued by printing manufacturers not only for their quality but also for our reactivity and processing speed. The goods we receive on a subcontracting basis are generally ready to leave within 24 hours.