To finish the products, we have five high-speed and high-performance trimmers that meet the strictest requirements for cutting the paper and/or getting the final size, as well as a jogger.

All trimming settings are saved and programmed on the control screen. After checking, the paper/board is placed on the trimmer. Trimming takes place automatically according to the pre-configured settings.

Our trimming machinery includes two die-cutting presses of different sizes, including one with relief embossing and heat foil stamping features. Sheets are fed and removed manually and the blade board is placed and adjusted directly on the die-cutting plate.

Another option for mechanical trimming is the cylinder die-cutter with feeder and suction mechanism for sheet gripping.

Our fully automatic flat die-cutting machine runs at a steady speed of 5,000 sheets/hour. It offers a highly accurate register with perfect control of the sheets at every step of the process. A feeder and a suction head system convey the sheets to the feeder which ensures the accuracy of the register using the die-cutting tools. A stack of cut sheets comes out of the machine, ready to go to shelling before finishing.