Two automatic heavy-duty and high-performance heat laminating machines are used for a top quality result: pressing hot rolls with front lays and an automatic separator apply a matt or glossy plastic film on the printed sheet in order to protect the paper and produce a glossy or matt finish according to the client’s specifications.

 A window patcher machine is exclusively used to deposit a plastic film called “window” to the inside part of the box, with or without a slit.

A folder/gluing machine is used to transform a flat sheet into a finished product such as a box or a case. For this, the die-cutting is folded along the score lines, glue is applied to bind the product and pressure is then applied.

In the manual workshop, perforators and manual laminating on board machines (for POS publicity) allow us to offer a wide range of services and products to our customers.


   In the manual finishing department of our workshop, various laminating on board machines allow us to finish many types of sales packaging and display, gluing printed sheets on a thick board from 480gr to 1,500gr. These machines, which are equipped with gluing rollers, cover the back of the sheet with glue, and an operator then introduces it into the press.

We also have 2 perforators for finishing with rivets or eyelets convenient for any type of files, ring binders, etc.

For items that require bagging, we have heat-sealing machines for air-tight sealing.