Our three dual purpose folding units (knife and buckle), universal and flexible, small and middle sizes, are designed for any type of folding (booklet signatures, leaflets, specification sheets). Thanks to digital technology and user-friendly settings, the sheets are carried to the buckles and/or knives and are delivered folded on the conveyor belt in batches of 50 (the number per batch can be adjusted depending on production needs). Each machine is dedicated to a clearly defined product type in order to retain the settings and change them when required while, at the same time, maintaining a high production speed of 10,000 to 13,000 items/hour.

Two inserting/stitching machines are used to bind booklets with saddle stitching with two metal points for square, Italian or classical size. Offering efficiency and flexibility, these machines can produce up to 4,000 brochures/hour. The different signatures forming the booklet (the number of signature units varies according to the machine) are inserted and, after jogging, two metallic stitches are used to hold them together. The booklets are then carried to a 3-blade trimming unit which removes 3 sides to obtain the final size and sends them to delivery.

For other kinds of binding and products (pads, etc.), our three “four clamp adhesive binders” run up to 1,000 booklets/hour. These machines have a vertical feeder for the front covers which can be fed while running the production as well as a preparation unit for the back, and a sophisticated adhesive system that ensures the solidity and quality of the booklets. All technical data and settings are saved on the touch-screen and the book thickness settings are automatically configured. The gatherings of the sheets (for the pads) or signatures (for the booklets) are placed on the unit and carried to the gluing unit, after which the front cover is conveyed and placed and pressed to ensure solid gluing. The booklets end up on the delivery pile bound and ready to be trimmed to the right dimensions.